Sunday, June 5, 2011

Preparation Part One

The itinerary for my Road Trip Adventure (RTA) has taken me about a week to figure out.  I have been struggling with how much time I want to drive per day, what I want to see on my trip, and how many days I want my RTA to last.  My first draft had me leaving my house at 4:30am and driving 17 hours on the first day, just so I could get to Yellowstone Park by evening.  I also had a couple of days with 11 hours of driving.  My friend Jeff called it "extremely ambitious," and advised me to make some changes.  Psh.

I think I've finalized my itinerary, but I apparently have a problem with commitment (writes the bachelorette) and just can't seem to reserve any campsites.  It may be because of the money, it may be because of the actual commitment of dates, I don't know.  One campsite (albeit, it has water and electrictiy) is $44 plus tax!  Most sites are about half that, but that campsite is near Yellowstone.  Looking at the prices of hotels, it's a pretty decent deal I suppose.

My "hiker's tent" should be arriving in a few days.

It's basically a tube that you put your sleeping bag in, and fits one.  I wanted something that would be really easy to set up and take down, and the hiker's tent fit that description... at least, I think.  It got pretty decent reviews, and most of the reviewers were guys.  (Somehow that seemed to make a difference, although I don't know why.)  Too simplistic?  We shall see.
Tomorrow I'm going to do it.  I'm going to reserve that campsite.  It's the first campsite on my itinerary since my first stop is at a friend's house in Spokane, WA.  I can do it, I can commit to a simple campsite.  Right?

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